President’s Message in The Bookmark

What’s normal these days? It seems everything now is further, faster, and higher. Whatever normal is, we hope we are closer to it than we have been for the past year and a half. The June Open House marked the completion of Phase One of the Library renovation and the resumption of full Library operations. The renovation gives us the further, faster, higher aspects of the new normal; new and improved this, larger and better that. The Library also continues to give us what it has normally offered–the opportunity to quietly enjoy a book, to pursue research or learn some local history; to participate in a special class or program, and the help of a dedicated and professional staff.

Some things change, some remain the same. The recent Open House unveiled the several improvements to the Library amid some well-deserved kudos and celebration. Our annual Book Sale will be back to its customary place and time. We are undergoing a change in the leadership in our Foundation Committee. More new books (hard copy and digital) arrived. Sadly, we lost an esteemed member of our Friends Board.

Throughout it all, a constant theme has been the continued support of you, the members of the Friends of the Library. Your financial support over the years, and especially your response to our recent Branch Out Campaign, enabled us to write a $221,546 check to the City as we honored our renovation pledge. Our volunteers moved thousands of books and then put them in their proper places as we accommodated the restoration process. Our Book Sale volunteers worked especially hard to hold our 2011 sale and prepare for our 2012 sale despite the renovation dislocations. As always, I know we can count on more of the same from you.

Velma Ryan

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