Staff Profiles Dale Allen

For much of his life, in one way or another, Dale Allen has been connected to a library.

For 25 years, Dale pursued a military career with the Marine Band in Washington, D.C., reaching the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant. For several years, Dale was stationed at the Marine Band Library. He also successfully auditioned for and transferred to the Band Itself where he performed on the euphonium (which he describes as a cross between a tuba and a trumpet). The Marine Band’s mission is to provide music for Commandant and Presidential ceremonies, and Dale did just that during the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and G.W. Bush administrations. One of his vivid memories from these events is watching Presidents Carter, Ford, Bush, and Clinton proceeding side-by-side through the White House at a treaty signing ceremony. Talk about watching history unfold!

Dale experienced an even more lasting impression when he met his future wife Kathy as she reported for duty at the Marine Band Library. Kathy pursued her own military career, reaching the rank of Master Sergeant while serving at the Band Library and playing her oboe with the Band when needed.

Following their retirement, Dale and Kathy reconnoitered locations (they’re ex-military, remember) and–luckily for us–chose Waynesboro. Kathy went to work for our library in 2005, and Dale followed in 2007. Kathy is now studying for her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Foreign Language (French) at JMU. They have two adult children, Scott and Beth.
Since joining the library staff, Dale has been a good friend to the Friends, helping out where needed, particularly at Book Sale time. A ready smile, willing disposition, and hard work always make a good impression, so it’s no surprise that we think highly of–and thank–Dale Allen.

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